Friday, August 27, 2010


One of my best friends lives over towards the West Coast of Florida and I am in the Central East part so we try to meet in the middle for an adventure lunch once a month. This month we decided to try the Stanford Inn just south of Lakeland in the historic town of Bartow. What a delight! Those of you that loved the 1991 film "My Girl" may recognize the Inn as the home of Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis in that movie. I remember thinking "I want to live in that house!" Now I can for a lot less money! The Owners, Tony and Becky, are as interesting and welcoming as their Inn and we immediately felt right at home and needed a food and tea fix. We sure indulged ourselves by ordering Cora's Afternoon Tea as it came with lots of food and endless pots of tea (served either hot or chilled). I especially liked the Orange and Spice Tea while my friend liked the house Strawberry Orange blend. We also enjoyed the Serene Green. Stephanie was our Server and told us we could try them all if we wished. That was refreshing in today's world! Becky also shared one of her easy but most popular recipes with us. Her advice was don't let anyone see you make it so they think you spent a long time in preparing it:

Eggstrodianary Eggs in a Nest
Grease a large muffin pan and fill with chopped frest spinach leaves.
Break an egg over spinach.
Top with a few spoonfuls of salsa.
Top with shredded cheese.
Bake at 350 degrees for 18 minutes.

If you are ever in the Central part of Florida from the West Coast to the East Coast you must go there for Tea and a visit. Call ahead for reservations as they were packed when we were there. 863-533-2393. Better yet, make it a long weekend and stay there as the rooms are beautiful with private baths. It is located at 555 East Stanford Street, Bartow, FL 33830 so just google map it from where ever you are. We are definitely putting it on our "Must-Do-Again," list! Good Grief, Ettie! When did we get those chins???

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fabric Necklace and Bracelet I Made for a Friend

It's got a whopping big rectangle beaded fabric bead on it! These are my Tubettes and I made it in her school colors.

Bead Swap Beads

Theses are the beads I received in the swap to create the items below.

What I Did With Mary's Fabric Beads

Here are the beads from Mary in England. I made them into a Florida Scarf Necklace....or Tubettes as I like to call them!

Bead Swap Creations

I am working on projects using the fabric beads I received from the latest Milliande swap I joined. The photo with the black and blue colorway is using the beads I received from Nina in Canada. I used her beads in both the necklace and bracelet. I still need to add the toggle as I am out of crimping beads. The lighter blue necklace is using the vintage fabric beads I received from Patty in Vegas. I didn't use one of hers in the bracelet as the fabric in her beads were vintage and more fragile. I'm pretty tough on bracelets! They both do amazing wire/beading work! I have some more beads that I received from Mary in England, but am still working on those pieces and will post when I finish.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Bette

This is Bodacious but Benevolent Bette I made for a Spirit Doll Swap I joined. When she heard she was going to go live with fabulous Patty in Las Vegas, She demanded tassels and show girl heels. I relented but didn't put the tassels where she wanted them! She demanded designer shades, too. And she wasn't happy with those flabby arms, but they just wouldn't get any smaller so she was stuck with them. She is pretty outrageous, but has a very sweet and Benevolent side and will keep all your troubles in her pocket so lighten your load.


I have been busy repurposing some items around the house. Mostly my hubby's stuff!! SHHHHH! Italian Silk Tie.....Neck Scrunch!!! Old Oxford Shirt....Another Neck Scrunch with vintage button! Batik Shirts.....Tubettes! More to follow.....