Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage Look Recipe Book

I love this book I made for one of our daughters and the photos are terrible but I'm going to show it more for the "feel" of it and maybe inspire some ideas for a different kind of cook book. I just snapped some quick photos before I mailed it off to Australia. This is a few of the pages. It is full of my top secret quick and favorite recipes. I used tons of embellishments that I had been saving up in my "makes me smile" jar. Tea stained tags, buttons, stamps, old lace, pinwheels, vintage trims, etc. I typed up the recipes on vellum and aged papers on my computer using different fonts and then tore the edges. The base pages are made by cutting 4" x 12" double sided cardstock, folding them in half, nesting them into each other, punching two holes and then attaching them together in the spine area with fibers. Maybe do a smaller version for an original kind of valentine card for those special friends and family members? Put a couple of your sweet secret recipes in it with a sweet sentiment on the cover!

Singapore Waterfall Mini Album

One of our daughters worked in Singapore last year so I designed her an album to diplay her photos in.

New Home Mini Album

I am looking through my photos from last year and found some items I made that I want to share. This is a mini album I designed and made for a friend of ours that bought her first home. It stands up for display and really made her smile! Would be cute for welcoming a new baby home, too, I'm thinkin'!