Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tags, Pockets and Envelope!

Project Two of my 52 Mini Album Journals and Such is making three tags, pockets and an envelope from only 1 sheet of 12 x 12 double sided paper. The two You Tube videos (Part A and Part B) are uploading now so if you like, please go watch how to make them. (Search Paperkitz) The reason there are so many in the photo is because I had to start over THREE and the video camera were having fightin' words! It is supposed to video for an hour. Mine seems to want to take naps and go for a coffee break when ever the mood hits it so I am yakking away, cutting my paper and having a good old time and I look up and the light is off. I seem to have been visiting with MYSELF for the last 10 minutes! Anyway, these are some different designs and instead of having to run to the shop to buy some....make them yourself out of your left over papers! Hope you have fun!

Gigi's Grandpeeps Birdhouse Mini

Here is my birdhouse mini that I showed how to make on my last You Tube Video....all decorated!  I know I said I wanted to do one with bright colors to put pics of the Grandbabies in, but after doing the video, I LOVED the Glitz Paper I used and knew I didn't want to give it away.  A sure way for me to keep something is.....Put Pics of the Babes In It!  Thought it might give you some ideas on what to do with yours.  Remember, you can make around SIX of these base albums in an hour so get Crackin'!  Use up that extra paper!LOL....Hugs!