Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Latest Videos on You Tube

Here are pictures of the latest You Tube Video Tutorials I have uploaded. Lots of Halloween Fun! It is Fall so time to get out the "Spoolies!" Wishing you all a very fun and safe Halloween if you are going Trick or Treating!


New Grand Pictures...

OK...can't do a Blog Post without including a picture of our two Grands here in Orlando! Cupcake turns 4 this month and is a little "Mother Hen" to her baby brother, William. He is now 5 months old and a little CHUNK!


Once again, I have disappeared from the face of the earth for awhile. We have been MOVING! We decided to move into town to be closer to our grandbabies in Orlando so bought a house right smack downtown! Quite a change for us country folk but we are loving it! Instead of driving for an hour to see the grands, we are now only 10 minutes away! AND so close to resturants and shopping, it is amazing! We used to have to plan a whole day to go into Orlando shopping or to eat and now we can walk to shopping and resturants! I am loving City Life!!! But, what a mess moving is. We thought we would just take our time, moving one room at a time and be really organized about it. HA!!! We would move a "room" and then ended up traveling or doing other things before we would get to the next room and in the meantime were living between two houses. It seemed whatever we needed was ALWAYS at the "other" house so chaos took over and it is still with us! Oh well, this too shall pass. Here is just a peek at my studio.....yes, you can weep!

Hopefully, this is just a "Before" picture and I will have an organized and CLEAN "After" picture before the year is over!