Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Bird Mini for a Friend

Here is another small mini I made for a friend across the pond. It is made from Stampin Up papers and stamps. I thought she could keep it tucked in a pocket on her walks.....

Pretty Curious Things

A good friend of mine from across the pond sent me a fun box full of die cuts and stamped images that made me smile and I immediately started several small assemblages! It is so much fun when you are using OPS! (Other People's STUFF!) Thank you, Mary! XXX

Remember When Tiny Mini

Here is a really small mini I made in July for our DIL's birthday. Kept it small as it had to be mailed to Australia! I love these tiny ones. The papers are from Stampin Up and the stamps are from everywhere!

Slam Folder

I have to laugh about the new Smash Books as we have been making those books since the 70's but called them Slam Books. I remember the teachers taking them from us if we had them at school. Some were full of journaling and questions that we would pass around to our friends to add comments/answers to and some were full of sketches and pictures torn from magazines. Here is one that I made from an old file folder for a friend whose birthday was in May and I STILL haven't given it to her! Music is a big part of her life and I added pockets and tags to this so shall we call it "Smash" Folder? I love how history repeats itself and gets a little better each time! I wonder where all those old slam books are today?!

Tall Skinny Mini Album

Here is an album I made back in May for our DIL's birthday. Used lots of different designer papers and modified my 9 tag page down to only a couple of tags per page since I ended up adding so many pages! Also wanted this verticle instead of horizontal.

9 Tag Page Mini Album

Here is a mini album I made in May for one of my grand daughter's birthday. Mostly made from Bo Bunny Designer Paper and Stampin' Up! Cardstock. I love the long skinny albums and designed a page that will hold 9 tags so plenty of spots for pictures.