Monday, June 7, 2010

Quilted Pillow Squares Swap

Here are the pillow squares I made using the Teesha Moore's technique for another swap on Milliande's Blog. We all did 10 and we will all receive 10 different one's back. We can use them to make journal covers, purses, etc.

Boxcar Belle

Here is another doll I just finished for a Spirit Doll Swap on Milliande's International Art Blog for Women. This is Boxcar Belle. She is the spirit doll for those who wander in wonder and sleep under the stars.

Mucho Monday

I realize I have a dislike of Mondays. Wonder why.... Anyhoo, I wanted to get more pictures loaded of things I have made so here is another pattern I created called the Easter Beaster. I love this pattern and whipped out a bunch of these for the Grandbabies for Easter. I hope they make you smile!