Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surprise Party!

I just got back from Indiana where my niece, Sarah, planned a double surprise party for her Mom's and Grandmother's Birthdays. It was a big undertaking for a 20 year old but she was determined and I signed up to be her assistant. We started Friday Morning at 8 AM and the party with almost 100 attendees happened Saturday at 5 PM! Sarah made all the cakes and we made all the decorations ourselves. We picked a Polka Dot Theme since we were doing this for two different individuals and EVERYONE likes Polka Dots! Hot Pink, Lime Green and White were the colors because they are happy colors. This was Sarah's Grandmother's first time out of the assisted living facility since she went in from almost passing away in the hospital over a month ago so Sarah wanted it to be a very happy time...and it was! Sarah made and iced 10 polka dots. We had to do all the baking in Sarah's boyfriend's kitchen so it would be a secret. We cooled the cakes on his couch! We told Vicki the party was for Shirley and told Shirley the party was for Vicki since it was between both their real birthdays. We bought glass vases at Dollar Tree and filled them with colored gumballs and tied helium balloons to the top (thank you Cindy and Eric for helping!) and then bought short glass bowls and painted dots on them and put candles in them. I made a huge banner which I forgot to take a picture of. We set up the tables and decorated them. We put disposable camera's on each table. Sarah's Dad (my brother, Rog) took care of getting the fried chicken and all the fixins and the soda pop. We bought hot pink, lime green and white plates and cups and mixed them up. We had a chocolate fountain which I was in charge of (Whoooo Hooooo!) and Sarah's sister-in-law, Courtney, brought fresh pineapple and strawberries and we brought marshmallows for dipping. Her brother, Matt, set up the chairs for us. We got Tiara's and Glam Sunglasses for Vicki and Shirley, but my great nephew, Jack, took Vicki's! And a good time was had by all. Vicki cried so we knew we did GOOD! A party pulled off in 33 hours....Way to go, Neicy Weicy! Love you, Auntie Wantie.