Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Latest Creation

I thought I ought to start posting some pictures right away to overcome the boredom of my story telling! I like pictures so thinking everyone does. Maybe not, but here is my latest.... this is my Pinescrapple. It measures a whopping 24" x 36" and I made it from all my scraps leftover from making my 52 mini albums. It's all just torn card stock and I am going to frame it and hang it in a house we have for sale. I have this vision that a potential buyer will walk in and see this and ask the Realtor "If I buy the house, can I keep the artwork?" AND they will pay top dollar for the house just to get this one of a kind piece of art!!! I will let you know if it works. Oh, the next item on my "to do" list when I get free time is to take some photography lessons!

June 2, 2010 D-DAY!!

OK....I've gone and done it! Now mind you I am on medication for a terrible cold which probably has me throwing caution to the wind OR it could be that the fact this is a FREE Blog space that hooked me in. I like Free...especially when it comes to high tech because if it can be crashed, dumped or frozen up.....I'm your Gal! Just walking up to my computer makes it groan and sometimes before I even touch it (insert creepy music here) it jumps to that BLUE SCREEN. What a moronic question on that screen...."Have you seen this screen before?" Uh, ye-ahhhhh, like.... DAILY!

Hopefully, I can now stay in better touch with my friends and family. I keep forgetting my password for Face book (is that one or two words?) and I don't know a tweet from a twit so I am thinking this is my last hope at communicating with the REAL WORLD!

OK, this is my first post. Now I am going to go read the directions and see what I missed! Catch you later!