Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thrilling Thursday

I am finally getting better...I think! I get to get my stitches out of my neck tomorrow and have the place on my nose "revisited" by my Doc. Hope I don't lose a nostril! Ewwwwww! I spent today with my Cupcake who is also sick with this coughing and wheezing but she seemed so much better today. Taught her to Limbo and now I wished I had taken a picture! She'll be 2 in October so I think to be able to Limbo this young is pretty brilliant!

I have designed a pattern to make one of those huge stars you see out of metal....but I make them out of file folders. So much lighter and easier to decorate. They measure about 22" across. Here is a pic and I hope to have the pattern on Etsy soon. I am way behind on what all I thought I'd have done by now. I think I have been saying that all my life, now that I think about it! Onward and Upwards! Let me know if you like this star pattern idea! Have a wonderful and blessed evening!

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