Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, OK...only 6 but I'm working on more! I am making journaling books for the girls this year for Christmas. I took an online class with Kelly Kilmer to learn the proper way to do it and I can now make a book in about an hour. Decorating it takes much longer, of course, as I have to layout what I THINK I like and then look at it for a day or so. Also, I don't like to stay in the lines so sometimes my books tie at the top and bottom instead of the sides and sometimes my signatures flow out of the covers, but at least they make me smile! I altered some artwork from the latest Anthropologie Catalog. It has amazing graphics this time so get one quick! I still have to finish 4 of the covers and then I do some piddling inside but leave a lot of white space for them to write in. I am also going to add some beads to the ties but always save that for last. is Kelly's blog if you want to see some really neat books!