Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flip Flop Mini Album.....

This is the lastest mini album in the 52 mini's and such from 52 pieces of paper series on my You Tube.

Hopefully, you can watch it here:

This little puppy will hold 20 photos or ATC cards!

I think I only have 47 more to go!!! Hugs! Kit


  1. Keep them coming - I plan to make every one of them. I love how easy they are and all your fabulous tips xx Michelle

  2. Thank you, Michelle! I'm glad you are having fun with them and there may be some gaps as the dental work continues. I am missing 3 front teeth right now and have to have them replaced as soon as the gums heal. I may be a little "goofy" for awhile so catch me if I say something that doesn't make sense! Hugs, Kit

  3. Another beautiful creation! And very practical too! Love it!
    Sending some healing vibes your way! xoxoxo!

  4. Thank you, Sonja! I am a mess! Can sure use the vibes! xoxoxoxo