Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yes, that is our Treasure Board located in a hallway in our home. It was starting to reach out and touch you as you walked by!


I cleaned that board off and SLAMMED all our precious memories into the book except for a few badges. I am pondering something clever to do with them..time will tell! I know they are called Smash Books today, but our Generation called them Slam Books. We would not only slam paper things in them....we would write things in them that slammed other people! Not very nice, but very scandalous in our teenage years! Teachers were always taking them away from us as we would write things about them in there, too! Good clean fun compared to today! I used my wonky tabs I have on Etsy to divide up the sections and, yes, used them upside down, too! The cover is my Easy Journaling lines printed on a full sheet of paper. Why not have some fun, eh?! Still plenty of room left to doodle and diddle and jot down memories, but it is rather fat, like the other members of our household! Now we can freely walk down that hallway without getting accosted by playbills, pics, cards and ticket stubs! I had a real chuckle as I found the invites to our niece's graduation from high school and just today in the mail we received the invitation to her graduation from college! I guess it's been awhile since I cleared out some of the treasured memories!

Have a brilliant and fun day, where ever you be!



  1. This is brilliant! I have been obsessed with this type of books / journals lately, and I love what you did! It's practical too! Great way to clean up a bit and keep those memories in one place. :)

  2. Love this book - perfect! xx Michelle

  3. Thank you, Sonja and Michelle! I am enjoying a hazard-free hallway now and just have the book laying around within easy reach so I can write and doodle in it while on the phone or watching the telly. I am going to start filling up the treasure board, again, but won't let so much time go by before slamming again! Hugs, Kit